Sustainable Cycles (SCYCLE)

  • Sustainable Cycles (SCYCLE) is a programme hosted by UNU-ViE based in Bonn, Germany succeeding, the former UNU-IAS SCYCLE. Its activities are focused on the development of sustainable production, consumption/usage, and disposal of ubiquitous goods with a special focus on electrical and electronic equipment. SCYCLE leads the global e-waste discussion and advances sustainable e-waste management strategies based on life-cycle thinking.

    SCYCLE fosters a solutions-oriented dialogue, cooperation and consensus through hosting the Solving the E-Waste Problem (StEP) Initiative, a global network of more than 55 member organizations committed to developing applicable, holistic, science-based recommendations concerning the growing e-waste problem.

    Within this context UNU-ViE SCYCLE:

    • Conducts research on eco-structuring towards sustainable societies;
    • Develops interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder public-private partnerships;
    • Assists governments in developing e-waste legislation and standards, meeting a growing need for such support;
    • Undertakes education, training and capacity development; and
    • Facilitates and disseminates practical, science-based recommendations to the United Nations and its agencies, governments, scholars, industry and the public.