Photo by Michael Sondermann/Bundesstadt Bonn

The United Nations University Vice Rectorate in Europe (UNU-ViE), as the only Vice Rectorate outside of Japan, supports the worldwide institutional development of UN University, particularly in Europe and Africa. UNU-ViE facilitates collaboration across the UN University and the United Nations, and shares knowledge and expertise through the development of joint programmes. Additionally, UNU-ViE promotes cooperation with the United Nations agencies in Bonn, as well as with other local and regional stakeholders. It aims to make UN University generated knowledge on peace, development and sustainability well acknowledged, recognized and used.

UNU-ViE hosts the SCYCLE operating unit of the UN University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability and offers central services for all UN University in Bonn entities: UNU-ViE, UNU-EHS, UNU-IAS (SCYCLE). The central services include: