UNU-EHS at #COP24 – experts, events and live commentary


    UNU-EHS at #COP24

    At the UN Climate Change Conference this year, the nations of the world will meet to unleash the full potential of the Paris Agreement by finalizing the Paris Agreement Work Programme. This year, our institute will be sending a delegation of experts on various climate issues. From climate change and migration, climate risk insurance and disaster risk management, our expertise cuts across many of COP24’s most urgent themes.

    Key UNU-EHS events

    Our specialists will be taking part in an array of events throughout COP24. Highlights include two dedicated UNU press briefings:

    • The first is focused on the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative and Climate Resilience: Economic and financial protection for the Vulnerable 20, and will take place on Tuesday 11 December at 10.30 a.m. in the Press Conference Room Katowice (Area F – Theatre), featuring the work of MCII Executive Director Soenke Kreft and others.
    • The second is on Climate change, migration and justice, and will take place on Wednesday 12 December at 11 a.m. in the Press Conference Room Warszawa (Area B – Theatre), featuring the work of UNU-EHS Director Prof Dirk Messner and migration expert Dr Robert Oakes.

    MCII will be taking part in a side event on the Vulnerable 20 #V20 with the ICSC on Wednesday 5 December.

    A number of UNU’s insurance and disaster risk management specialists are also participating in the 2nd InsuResilience Partnership Forum on Monday 10 December, where the five principles of disaster risk management will be launched.


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