VALE – Development and validation of earth observation-based indicators for the monitoring of the Sendai framework using the example of flooding in Ecuador

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    Yvonne Walz

    The VALE project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and will develop an innovative method to derive earth observation-based information products for selected indicators of the SFDRR and validate them based on an existing database on flood loss and damage in Ecuador. The main objectives of VALE are:

    #1: To further develop the automated derivation of floodplains based on earth observation data to a small scale for providing the information product of flood hazard in Ecuador;

    #2: To derive the indicators of the SFDRR for the example of flood losses based on the combination of flood hazard with exposure and vulnerability in Ecuador;

    #3: To validate the earth observation-based Sendai indicators with in-situ measurements of actual loss and damage due to flooding.

    The overall aim is to support countries in implementing the SFDRR. The project team collaborates with the National Service for Risk and Emergency Management of the Government of Ecuador and UNDRR to ensure that the development and validation of this methodology is in line with the national and international approach of implementing the SFDRR.

    UNU-EHS will coordinate the VALE project, conduct an exposure and vulnerability analysis to floods in Ecuador, derive selected Sendai indicators by combining flood hazard with exposure and vulnerability, and validate the indicators in reference to in-situ measured loss and damage.