The Climate Academy – People’s Pathways to Climate Action

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    Himanshu Shekhar

    The overarching aims of this project is to advance the scientific understanding of people-centered climate action and inform policy making through its solution oriented approach. Specifically, it aims to inform the UN climate change policy making process by presenting people’s perspectives on climate risks and highlighting possible pathways for comprehensive adaptation and mitigation policies and proactive implementation. It will identify emerging areas of inspiration, analyze mechanisms for engaging people’s action in mitigation and adaptation measures and identify factors for success

    First, it aims to advance the scientific understanding of people’s perception and concerns towards climate change induced risks.Second, it aims at applying this understanding to advance participation pathways to enhance the effectiveness of the existing and proposed solutions that reduce people’s exposure and vulnerability to climate change. Third, the Academy aims at fostering the science-policy-action interface by feeding knowledge and solution oriented pathways directly into policy processes (crucially, in partnership with UNFCCC) and communities of practice. It does so by convening leading researchers and other key stakeholders in order to collect, discuss and jointly advance the latest approaches in this field. Three thematic focus of academy are urban vulnerability and nature based soultion (2021), digitalization and energy transition (2022) and climate change induced human mobility (2023).