Catalyzing action towards sustainability of deltaic systems with an integrated modelling framework for risk assessment (DELTAS)

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    Zita Sebesvari

    The project aims to develop a versatile modeling framework to evaluate the unique functioning, critical stressors, and vulnerability of the deltas globally. The framework will consider social, economic, physical and ecosystem data into an open-access repository and will allow planners to model and deliver optimized, viable solutions for their specific regions. The framework will initially be applied to three case-study deltas for which local and regional partnerships are already in place, namely the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM), Mekong, and Amazon deltas. Within the international consortium, UNU-EHS will be responsible for the development of Global Delta Vulnerability Indices (Delta-GDVI). We aim to: 1) advance our understanding of the spatial variability of vulnerability on the sub-delta level, 2) develop a unified framework for assessing resilience and vulnerability that will be adapted locally, 3) define indicators that are quantifiable at the sub-delta scale and transferable in different delta contexts capable to capture the spatial variability of vulnerability, 4) apply a flexible indicator development process that combines scientific and local stakeholder-based approaches, 5) conduct an assessment in the three demonstration deltas at the sub-delta scale, and finally 6) draw lessons for application in other delta environments. DELTAS is a Belmont Forum project and UNU-EHS receives funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG). For more information, please visit