Align-SLM: Alignment between ecosystem-based adaptation, ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction, nature-based solutions, and sustainable land management

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    Yvonne Walz

    The Align-SLM project is funded by UNCCD with the overall aim to develop a report on the coherence between ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA), ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction (Eco-DRR), nature-based solutions (NbS), and sustainable land management (SLM). Recognizing that SLM practices can contribute to various outcomes in favor of NbS, EbA and Eco-DRR and considering that these approaches share many common objectives and principles, exploring and documenting the commonalities will contribute to realizing the synergies among the Rio conventions and to leverage on these. Therefore, the common goals and characteristics of these approaches adopted by international agreements will be documented in an integrative conceptual framing to align their fundamental components. Alignment of the approaches will enable stakeholders to recognize and integrate SLM practices in the other approaches, and vice versa. Furthermore, the objective of this report is to provide guidance on how to find relevant tools and methods (with link to the UNCCD Knowledge Hub on SLM and the WOCAT database) to support efficient and multigoal-oriented planning and implementation of ecosystem- and land-based solutions. Another aim is to enable joint communication and better understanding between stakeholders working in SLM, NbS, EbA and/or Eco-DRR projects, further contributing to improved planning and implementation of these approaches. The research conducted by the project team will include consultations with representatives from UNCCD as well as from other UN-Agencies and relevant partners.