UNU-EHS newsletter 5: Ecosystems and engineering, Dutch flood management, adapting to climate change in Viet Nam’s deltas and much more

  • 2016•08•05     Germany

    deltas Photo by UNU-EHS/Janine Kandel

    Changing deltas changing lives

    The environment of deltas such as the Mekong and Red River delta in Viet Nam is changing. In response, the lives of its inhabitants, such as the rice and shrimp farmers and their families, are also changing. The DeltAdapt project is a large scale research project that analyzes these changes from environmental and social perspectives to find ways in which farmers can maintain their lives and livelihoods in the face of environmental change. Read more

    5factsdutch Photo by UNU-EHS/Daniel Al-Ayoubi

    5 Facts about Dutch flood risk management

    Large parts of the Netherlands are situated below sea level. Protective dikes along the coast line and many Dutch rivers symbolize the proactive preventive measure against the consistent threat of flooding. Climate change impacts such as rising sea levels and temperatures further exacerbate the threat of flooding for this Western European country. Read more

    ecosystems and engineering Photo by UN Photo 2011/Mark Garten


    Ecosystems and engineering unite against disaster risk

    Well-managed ecosystems can serve as cost- effective natural infrastructure that protects people against disasters. The PEDRR workshop explored how ecosystems and engineering can work together to reduce disaster risk. Read more


    First international fair and entrepreneurial workshop at the Pan African University

    On 28 May, the second cohort of students of the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences, including Climate Change (PAUWES), attended the first PAUWES International Water and Energy Fair in Tlemcen, Algeria. Read more

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