What is the life cycle of e-waste?

  • 2014•12•04     El Salvador

    The 2014 E-waste Academy – Managers Edition (EWAM) took place 28 March – 1 April 2014 in El Salvador. The EWAM offered a 5-day interdisciplinary curriculum for e-waste policymakers and SMEs. The interactive programme included expert lectures, dismantling sessions, panel discussions and daily group work activities. Programme topics addressed the entire life cycle of e-waste, including:

    1. International cooperation and quantification of e-waste stocks and flows
    2. Reverse Supply Chain – collection, pre- and end-processing techniques
    3. Sound business models and system financing
    4. International markets, monitoring and enforcement
    5. Participant presentations

    The EWAM highlight video provides further insights into e-waste challenges and inherent opportunities and further highlighting how the 2014 EWAM curriculum aims to build capacity of e-waste practitioners.