UNU-EHS at the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

  • 2015•03•04     Japan


    The 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR) will take place in Sendai, Japan from the 14-18 March. The conference is expected to culminate in the adoption of a new global framework, which will mark a milestone in disaster risk reduction over the next decade. With an expected 8000 participants coming from around the world, it is the largest conference ever held on disaster risk reduction.

    UNU-EHS will be actively participating in the conference, including delivering keynote addresses and presentations, and taking part in panel discussions and working sessions. UNU-EHS and the Tohoku University International Post-Graduate Program in Human Security will also jointly host the Public Forum “Disasters and Human Security” on 18 March 2015. The forum will discuss the issues related to natural disasters within the context of human security.

    In the space below, you will find an overview of our activities at WCDRR, this space will be updated over the course of the conference and to follow more closely on what’s going on at WCDRR with our researchers follow us on Twitter @UNUEHS or Facebook.

    March 14:

    Jakob Rhyner will represent UNU at the Technical Expert Meeting “Measuring and Reporting Progress”


    March 15:

    Fabrice Renaud  delivers keynote address at the Public Forum: “Wise use of coastal ecosystems for DRR: mainstreaming and problems”

    Venue: Tohoku University

    Room N°: C206

    Time: 13:10-15:50

    Joerg Szarzynski  will take part in the Working Session “Applying Science and Technology to DRR Decision-Making

    Venue: Sendai International Centre

    Room N°: Main Hall

    Time: 14:00-15:30


    March 16:

    Joerg Szarzynski  will take part in the Working Session “Education and Knowledge in building a Culture of Resilience (HFA)”

    Venue: Sendai International Centre

    Room N°: Exhibition Hall 1

    Time: 10:00-11:30


    March 17:

    Fabrice Renaud will be a panelist at the side event: “Global Approaches to Coastal Resilience”

    Venue: Tohoku University

    Room N°: C102

    Time: 17:00 – 20:00

    Matthias Garschagen delivers keynote at: “Symposium on Disaster and Environment – The Discipline ‘Emergency Environmental Research’ following the 2011 Tohoku Disaster”

    Venue: Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi

    Room N°: 601 Large Meeting Room

    Time: 17:30 – 19:40


    March 18:

    Fabrice Renaud, Matthias Garschagen, Jakob Rhyner, Joerg Szarzynski deliver presentations at the Public Forum: “Disasters and Human Security” co-organized by Tohoku University and UNU-EHS

    Venue: Sendai Civic Auditorium

    Room N°: Meeting Room 1

    Time: 9.00 – 14:00

    Joerg Szarzynski will co-moderate the Implicit Role Playing Game organized by Tohoku University: “Role of Dikes in Protecting Fishing and Agrarian Villages from Tsunami”

    Time: 11.30 – 13:30