Drought management workshop a success

  • 2016•05•04     Bonn

    On 18 April 2016, a delegation from the Disaster Management Training and Education Centre (DIMTEC) for Africa at the Free State University in South-Africa visited UNU-EHS for a one day workshop on drought management in South Africa. DIMTEC held multiple presentations on their work.

    UNU-EHS scientist are actively engaged in the capacity building program of DIMTEC, which consists of a Master course on Disaster Risk Management, a PhD program and block courses for practitioners. UNU-EHS experts regularly lecture at DIMTEC in South Africa, and now were happy to have the opportunity to welcome DIMTEC colleagues at UNU-EHS.

    Led by Prof. Andries Jordaan of DIMTEC, Dr. Jörg Szarzynski of the UNU-EHS Edusphere section and Dr. Daniel Tsegai from UNCCD and with the participation of UNU-EHS Master students, the workshop focused on a global perspective on managing droughts, desertification and land degradation. Participants also discussed future joint projects and welcomed the opportunity for active scientific exchange.