Media advisory: State of play on climate insurance: Is there progress at COP 23?

  • 2017•11•09     Bonn


    • Soenke Kreft, Executive Director, Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)
      Where do we stand on climate insurance and why is it important?
    • Sara Jane Ahmed, Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities
      Vulnerable country perspectives: Climate insurance – survive and thrive
    • Simone Ruiz-Vergote, Managing Director, Allianz Climate Solutions
      How to engage the private sector for the benefit of the poor?


    Press briefing on climate risk insurance (CRI): How has the debate evolved and what can be expected on CRI at COP 23?


    Friday, 10 November 2017, 11:00-11:30 am


    Press Conference Room 2, BULA zone at COP 23, Bonn
    Livestream @


    The year 2017 is on track to become the year with the highest losses from natural disasters ever recorded. The impacts of climate change are a reality for large parts of the global population, with the most severe impacts affecting the most vulnerable people. Climate insurance is one concrete tool to deal with damages that cannot be avoided, and it can spur adaptation and development. For these reasons climate insurance has been given increasing attention in international policy processes with important decisions and goals set at the G7 summit in Elmau, 2015, the Paris Agreement and lately at the G20 summit in Hamburg. Fiji chairing the 2017 climate talks in Bonn will put a spotlight on climate impacts, and climate insurance is one of the major themes discussed at COP23.

    This press briefing will cover major developments in the field of climate insurance, including presenting possible solutions to protect vulnerable people and countries, reflecting on the progress achieved so far and formulating expectations for policy outcomes at COP 23. Aside from an analysis of the state of play, it will also provide perspectives from the point of view of vulnerable countries and the private sector.

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