Media advisory: climate insurance stakeholders at COP23

  • 2017•11•06     Bonn


    • Soenke Kreft, Executive Director, Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)
    • Severin Francois, product champion with EC Global Insurance (St Lucia)
    • Walter Edwin, bee keeper and climate risk insurance beneficiary (St Lucia)
    • Professor Peter Hoeppe, Chairman, Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)


    Opportunity to interview climate insurance experts, stakeholders and beneficiaries


    By appointment


    At this year’s COP, the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII) will receive the prestigious Momentum for Change Award for its efforts to implement climate insurance for vulnerable people in developing countries.

    Climate insurance is considered one of the key strategies to better prepare countries for climate change. At this year’s COP, a growing number of member states are planning to include insurance strategies in their efforts to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

    To receive the award, MCII will be joined by two people closely involved with the insurance on the ground in the Caribbean: Severin Francois, a local insurance specialist; and Walter Edwin, a St Lucian bee keeper and policyholder. As the effects of climate change become increasingly severe in the Caribbean, Edwin has experienced loss and damage due to extreme weather events, but has received a number of pay-outs from his insurance that have helped him to recover.

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