MCII: “G7 InsuResilience” initiative must insure the poor and most vulnerable

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  • 2015•12•01     Paris


    Peter Höppe, Chair, Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)

    Koko Warner, Executive Director, Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)

    Christoph Bals, Vice-Chair, Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII)

    What: Press Briefing on climate risk insurance and MCII’s involvement in G7 InsuResilience at COP 21 in Paris

    When: Friday, 04 December 2015, 10.30-11.00 am

    Where: UN Press Briefing Room 3 in the media center at the Le Bourget conference venue , Livestream @


    At the Elmau G7 Summit in June this year the G7 launched the unprecedented G7 InsuResilience Initiative, which aims to provide up to 400 million people living on the frontlines of climate change with climate risk insurance within the next five years. The Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII) partners with InsuResilience to ensure that the needs of vulnerable and poor people are met in the process. MCII contributes knowledge from science, policy and insurance practice to InsuResilience and supports stakeholder dialogue. To this effect, MCII conducted 30 interviews with insurance experts to explore what conditions are needed to reach poor households with climate risk insurance effectively. The findings will be presented in detail at the press briefing.

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