UNU-EHS contributing to The Lancet Countdown

  • 2016•11•14     Morocco

    The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change was launched today at the COP22 climate talks taking place in Morocco. The Lancet Countdown is an international, multi-disciplinary research initiative, which brings together leading experts to track and analyse the impacts of climate change on public health.

    UNU-EHS expert Sonja Ayeb- Karlsson, along with 47 other leading experts, authored the first report which was published with The Lancet. The Lancet Countdown will report annually in The Lancet, a leading global medical journal.

    The Lancet Countdown comes at a crucial time for international cooperation and national action on climate change, following ratification of the Paris Agreement and the announcement of the 2030 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As part of this transition, healthcare professionals, governments and countries will have to shift from an understanding of climate change solely as a threat, to one which embraces the response to climate change as an opportunity for human health and wellbeing. The Lancet Countdown is aligned with the SGD process in working to ensure the health challenge posed by climate change is resolved by 2030.

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