Invitation: Session on climate risk data at Latin America & Caribbean Climate Week

  • 2021•05•07     Dominican Republic

    © Unsplash / Bophomet Zhang

    At this year’s Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week, UNU-EHS and MCII are hosting an event together with UNDRR on Unifying climate risk data at the country level. Please join us!

    Session Objectives:

    • Explore the value and challenges of unifying climate and disaster risk data, developing climate risk profiles and discuss the experience and lessons of countries and cities in the LAC region
    • Discuss the possibilities of leveraging new technological solutions with climate change at the centre for developing national climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategies to avert, reduce and manage risks and losses and damages
    • Explore what data types and standards are required for appropriate monitoring, in line with what countries agreed on in the Sendai Framework, and what barriers exist in terms of access and quality
    • Discuss the opportunities that adequate climate risk data collection can unlock for states and cities to access global climate finance


    Date: 13 May

    Time: 2 – 4 p.m. GMT-4; 8 – 10 p.m. CET

    How to register for climate week:


    The session will contribute to the Plan of Action of the Technical Expert Group on Comprehensive Risk Management (TEG-CRM), based on the mandate of the Warsaw International Mechanism (WIM) in promoting comprehensive risk management to avert, minimize and address residual risks and unavoidable climate change impacts.

    Discussants will reflect on actionable recommendations for further engagement. Discussion outcomes will be captured in a summary document and reported to the TEG-CRM.