Dr. Koko Warner speaks to ZDF about environmentally induced migration

  • 2015•10•15     Bonn

    On Sunday, 18 October at 2.45 pm the public German television channel, ZDF, as part of their environmental documentary series “planet e.”, broadcast the documentary “Climate migrants”, on natural disasters and desertification as a cause for migration.

    Dr. Koko Warner gave an account of her extensive research on environmentally induced migration and spoke on the many challenges which families on the move face.

    The ZDF team accompanied Dr. Warner during her field trip to Bangladesh where she met families who moved from areas of flooding to the slums of the capital and also interviewed her at her office in Bonn.

    Watch the complete documentary here (in German).

    To read the German announcement, please click here: http://www.presseportal.de/pm/7840/3135720