DeltAdapt midterm meeting in Bonn

  • 2016•06•06     Bonn

    The DeltAdapt midterm meeting will take place in Bonn, Germany from 7-9 June 2016. The DeltAdapt research project explores how farmers in the Mekong and Red River deltas are currently adapting to the increasing intrusion of salt water and to the salinization of their water and soil resources and assesses how sustainable the coastal agricultural systems and ecosystems are now and in the future. Based on the research findings the project will develop concrete policy recommendations, including technology transfer, to local, regional and national decision makers that will support farmers in the Mekong and Red River delta regions in their efforts to adapt to salinity intrusion.

    The DeltAdapt Midterm meeting will explore the overall progress of the project as well as discuss strategic next steps towards policy recommendations and publications. Examples of subcomponents of the project include “Earth observation in the coastal zone of the Mekong and Red River Delta, Viet Nam”, “Farming system shifts in the coastal zones of the Red River and Mekong deltas: Drivers of change, households resilience and future scenarios to saline intrusion”, “Livelihood strategies and typology of farming systems in Ben Tre and Kien Giang coast provinces” and “Livelihoods adaptation dynamics to socio-economic and environmental changes in two Vietnamese deltas”.

    The partners of the project UNU-EHS, Can Tho University Viet Nam, University of Bonn, TerrAquat, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ and Forschungszentrum Jülich will be attending the midterm meeting. The project is funded by BMBF.

    Find out more about the DeltAdapt Project. Check out the website for the event.