Call for papers: Drought vulnerability, risk and impact assessments

  • 2020•06•17     Bonn, Germany

    © UNICEF / César

    You are invited to submit papers to Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences for a special issue called Drought vulnerability, risk, and impact assessments: bridging the science-policy gap.

    UNU-EHS Senior Scientist Dr. Michael Hagenlocher is guest editor for this publication, working together with Veit Blauhut, Gustavo Naumann, Stefan Siebert, Lucia De Stefano, Ana Iglesias and Joaquim G. Pinto.

    Papers may consider the following topics:

    • drought vulnerability, risk, or impact assessments (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-method approaches) for different sectors (e.g. agriculture, energy production, transportation, tourism) and systems (e.g. ecosystems), at different spatial (local to global) and/or temporal scales (past trends, current patterns, future scenarios);
    • assessment and communication of uncertainties in drought risk assessments (and risk components);
    • validation strategies of the outcomes of drought risk assessments (e.g. through loss and damage information or expert-based);
    • validation of the utility of drought vulnerability, risk, and impact assessments for climate action, resilience-building, and (inter)national climate policy;
    • emergent risks associated with droughts (including in the focus of compound hazards), the multiple interconnections that influence systemic drought risks, and the cascading effects of droughts;
    • studies that aim to bridge the “science to policy-action” gap by providing science-based solutions to the international community, nations, and communities on how to build resilience.

    Please click here to see the full call and submit. Papers can be submitted from today onwards on a rolling basis until 31 July 2021.