Two calls for abstracts: drought hazards and urban-rural infrastructure interdependencies

  • 2018•12•19     Bonn

    Photo: Unsplash/Josh Withers

    UNU-EHS will co-host two sessions at the conference “Deutscher Konkress für Geographie 2019” and is looking for abstract submissions by 25 January, 2019.

    One session is on “Assessing drought hazards, vulnerability and risk across sectors and scales: approaches, limitations and opportunities”. This session aims at capturing the state-of-the-art of integrated drought risk concepts and assessment approaches across sectors and scales. It aims at 1) sharing latest concepts, methods and results, 2) triggering discussions with a wider audience about their benefits and limitations, and 3) discussing opportunities towards an improved understanding and assessment of drought risk in all its dimensions of drought hazard(s), exposure, and vulnerability in the Anthropocene.

    The other session is titled “Urban-rural infrastructure interdependencies – flows of people, services and disaster risks“. It will gather studies working on the broad range of infrastructure services and their incentives for integrative and sustainable urban-regional development and risk reduction. Contributions to studies on urban-rural interconnections of infrastructure services are invited, to outline specific gaps and demands for further research on the exchanges and flows of people, services and risks.
    Guiding questions for this session:
    – Which are innovations and possible breaks with traditional lines of research in geography?
    – Which incentives are provided by recent work on critical infrastructure resilience, disaster risk reduction, sustainable development or others?
    – Apart from purely conceptual considerations, which empirical studies provide insights on urban-rural systems and their interdependencies?
    – How can cities and rural areas (together) improve their resilience to cascading effects and complex emergencies?

    You can find more information about the sessions here and submit entries here.