Book release: Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia

  • 2019•01•10     Switzerland

    Photo: Unsplash/Matiinu Ramadhan

    Springer just launched a new book on Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia that was co-edited by Dr. Amrita Daniere (University of Toronto) and UNU-EHS expert Dr. Matthias Garschagen.

    It explores how the impacts of climate change interact with poverty and vulnerability in Southeast Asian cities and thereby increase risks for their residents. The book features both academic literature and action research from experts that are involved with the research project Building Urban Climate Change Resilience in Southeast Asian Cities (UCRSEA). It explores the creation of climate resilient urban governance that is both inclusive and equitable and also raises the question of how the agency of individuals, groups and institutions can be supported to improve economic, physical and social well-being in cities affected by climate change.

    To find out more about the book, please click here.