Sebastian von Einsiedel appointed UNU Vice-Rector in Europe

  • 2018•09•17     Tokyo

    Sebastian von Einsiedel. Photo: UNU-HQ

    17 September 2018, Tokyo/Bonn — The United Nations University (UNU) is pleased to announce that Mr Sebastian von Einsiedel has been appointed as the next UNU Vice-Rector in Europe. Mr von Einsiedel will join the Vice-Rectorate as Vice-Rector designate from 17 September, assuming full leadership on 15 November 2018.

    Mr von Einsiedel succeeds Prof. Dr Jakob Rhyner, who has held the post of UNU Vice-Rector in Europe since 2010, concurrently serving as Director of the UNU Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS). UNU is grateful to Prof. Dr Rhyner for his service to the University, which he will complete on 15 November 2018. During his tenure, Prof. Dr Rhyner broadened the scope of the University’s activities, forging important strategic partnerships in both Africa and Latin America.

    The UNU Vice-Rector in Europe, based in Bonn, represents the Rector on special initiatives, particularly in Europe and Africa, and facilitates collaboration both across the global UNU system and with key stakeholders including Europe-based United Nations entities, the European Commission, and key European capitals. The post is one of two current Vice-Rectorates in the UNU system, with the other based in Tokyo.

    Mr. von Einsiedel previously served as the founding Director of the Tokyo-based UNU Centre for Policy Research (UNU-CPR), from its inception in 2014 until its merger with the UNU Office in New York earlier this year.

    He brings to the Vice-Rector role some 17 years of professional working experience in the field of International affairs, including more than a decade with the United Nations. Prior to joining UNU, Mr von Einsiedel worked (2009–2014) in the Policy Planning Unit of the UN Department of Political Affairs, where he led development of policy initiatives on conflict prevention, peacebuilding, counter-terrorism, and organised crime. In 2013, while on sabbatical from that post, he was a Non-Resident Fellow with the New York University Center on International Cooperation.

    Mr. von Einsiedel first joined the United Nations in 2004, on the research staff of the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change — one of the most high-profile UN reform efforts since the end of the Cold War — and later joined the UN Secretary-General’s Office to help prepare for the 2005 World Summit. After serving for two years as Special Assistant to the President of the International Peace Academy (now International Peace Institute) in New York, he rejoined the United Nations in the field, serving with the UN Mission in Nepal (2007–2008). In 2008 he returned to New York, working in the UN Secretary-General’s Strategic Planning Unit on terrorism-related issues.

    “I am very pleased to welcome Sebastian to his new post in the UNU family”, said UNU Rector David Malone. “His leadership and achievements over the past four years as Director of UNU-CPR have greatly benefitted UNU and advanced its stature both within the United Nations system and the international policymaking arena. I am confident that as our Vice-Rector in Europe he will expand UNU’s international profile and contribute to increasing the policy impact of UNU research.“

    Mr von Einsiedel holds master’s degrees from Columbia University and University of Munich. He has published extensively on multilateral security issues and is co-editor of two books, including The UN Security Council in the 21st Century (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2015; winner of the 2016 “Best New Book on the UN” award presented by the Academic Council of the UN System).

    Mr von Einsiedel expressed his enthusiasm in taking on a new role in UNU, saying: “I greatly look forward to continuing to work with UNU in this new function, which will offer manifold opportunities to build new partnerships within the UN, with other international organisations, and with key capitals in Europe, supporting the UNU Rector’s vision of strengthening the policy relevance of UNU.”


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