Zita Sebesvari featured in Newsweek article on sea level rise

  • 2023•05•10     Bonn

    © flickr/Keith Polya

    UNU-EHS Senior Expert Zita Sebesvari appeared in a Newsweek article on sea level rise. Sebesvari talked about the impacts of sea level rise and where the world will see those impacts. She warned that low-lying regions and small island states are specifically at risk of increased flooding, coastal erosion, salinization of soils and water sources. Small island states are even at risk of submersion. Sebesvari additionally highlighted the risks posed to river deltas, which are prone to flooding and saltwater intrusion. These risks are problematic as deltas, because of their fertile soil, are vital areas for people and agriculture. Even well-known deltas such as the Nile Delta, Mekong Delta, Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta and the Mississippi delta are at risk.

    The list of countries around the world that face the impacts of sea level rise include the Maldives, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Tuvalu, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, India and the United States. Many of them already see the consequences. The impacts are potentially devastating as they could lead to the displacement of people, hurt economies, and contribute to loss of culture and traditions.

    We can minimize the impacts and the best solution is to cease greenhouse gas emissions. However, the article emphasizes sea level rise is a process that is already in motion, meaning humanity will reel from the impacts for a long time. Sebesvari used the opportunity to stress the urgency and importance of acting now.

    “Even if we stop the emission of greenhouse gases immediately, we will need to deal with sea level rise for the centuries to come. However, the amount we will deal with is in our hands if we choose to act now,” Sebesvari said.

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