UNU-EHS discusses climate passport with media at COP24

  • 2018•12•19     Katowice     EURACTIV

    Photo: UNU-EHS

    During the UNU-EHS press briefing at the 24th UN climate summit COP, Director Prof. Dirk Messner and Senior Researcher Dr. Robert Oakes discussed different initiatives that could help those who are most affected by the consequences of climate change cope. One such idea is the introduction of a climate passport for residents of the Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS), which would allow them to migrate. The climate passport was met with great interest by the media at COP, which resulted in international news coverage, for example by EURACTIV (in English), L’Orient Le Jour (in French), Aristegui Noticias (in Spanish), Katholische Sonntagszeitung (in German), Prevention Web (in English), or India Climate Dialogue (in English).