UNU-EHS Director Dirk Messner discusses a universal charter on digitalization

  • 2019•10•07     Bonn

    © Unsplash / Bertrand Bouchez

    Digitalization has become an integral part of all aspects of society, and is affecting the world in many different ways. Digital change will have impacts – some of them helpful, others detrimental – on every single SDG, ranging from poverty alleviation to resource efficiency, from governance to energy and mobility systems, from employment to transnational partnerships.

    During the recent United Nations Climate Summit in New York, the German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU), International Science Council, Future Earth, UN University and other partners from Asia and Africa has come together and launched a draft for a UN charter for a sustainable digital age, called “Our Common Digital Future“.

    UNU-EHS Director Dirk Messner and International Science Council CEO Heide Hackmann have published an opinion piece on D+C: Development and Cooperation, on things that need to be done so that digitalization will drive, not thwart, transformation sustainability.

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