Resilience Academy: A platform that shapes ideas to tackle the world’s most pressing problems

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  • 2015•09•12     Bangladesh     Dhaka Tribune

    It looks like a usual workshop on a certain development topic where the participants talk, share ideas, and discuss the issue. As an observer, you will be surprised to see the depth, direction of discussion, and dedication of the participants attending this intense week long program called “Resilience Academy.”

    The academy is meant to provide a platform for connecting communities of expertise (early phase practitioners, academics researchers, and policy analysts) examining a specific development issue. The academy provokes participants to think independently, critically, conceptually, and practically from their experiences, all the while challenging them to question what they know. They are here to generate ideas and solutions for one of the world’s most pressing issues — losses and damages caused by climate change and enhancing the resilience of systems to minimise these losses and damages. Some of the top researchers, academics, and practitioners from 22 different countries working on loss and damage have come this year to participate in the academy. The knowledge and evidence generated from the academy is targeted at policy-makers attending the meetings and negotiations of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to help them understand and make better decisions to tackle climate change.

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