Pacific News Minute: Exodus of Pacific climate migrants already underway

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  • 2015•12•03     Paris     Hawaii Public Radio

    In Paris earlier this week, President Obama warned of tens of millions of climate migrants from the Asia Pacific if the nations of the world fail to reach agreement at the UN climate change conference. Now, a new report finds that the migration is already underway. Details from Neal Conan in Paris with today’s Pacific News Minute.

    In many ways, this new UN report tells us what we already know…the droughts, rising tides and more violent storms generated by climate change have forced thousands of people from low lying islands to move. What’s new, are hard numbers from a comprehensive survey conducted in Tuvalu, Nauru and Kiribati. Over the last ten years, 15% of Tuvalu’s population emigrated overseas, 10% of Nauru’s, and just over 1% of the much larger population of Kiribati. Many others wanted to move, but didn’t have the money.

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