FloodAdaptVN project featured in UN News

  • 2023•08•07     Bonn, Germany

    © Arianna Flores Corral / UNU-EHS

    In October and November of 2020, a series of tropical storms induced devastating floods that starkly disclosed Huế‘s high risk to extreme weather events, including the exposure and vulnerability of inhabitants, livelihoods, the environment and infrastructure. The floods underscored the importance of disaster risk management and climate change adaptation strategies to reduce the impacts of future flood events.

    In the context of its FloodAdaptVN project, UNU-EHS along with partners from Germany and Viet Nam conducts research to better understand current and future flood risks to identify adaptation options for urban regions of Central Viet Nam.

    The project has recently been featured in UN News, illustrating how FloodAdaptVN works with communities to build awareness on how to mitigate their exposure to extreme weather events.

    Read more about the project here, and the full UN News article here.