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  • 2016•07•25     Bonn     General Anzeiger

    Swiss national Jakob Rhyner gives an interview on the role of UN University and how it is connected in Bonn.

    Jakob Rhyner is the Vice-Rector and Director of the Institute for Environment and Human Security of the UN-University (UNU-EHS) in Bonn. Here are excerpts from his interview with Ute Warkalla.

    Why does the UN need its own university?

    Jakob Rhyner: This question was of course asked before its establishment. On the one hand, one knew that the UN needed the scientific expertise, on the other hand, it was difficult to get answers from the universities on interdisciplinary questions, especially basic problems in the area of development assistance. At the time, the comprehensive view wished for by the UN was missing. Now, this interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach is found practically everywhere.

    Read the full article online here.