‘Momentum for climate change litigation’ in 2018: Cosmin Corendea interviewed by Reuters

  • 2018•01•05     New York     Thomson Reuters

    Dr Cosmin Corendea is a legal expert focusing on climate change, human rights and migration. Photo: UNU-EHS

    According to legal experts interviewed by reporters of the Thomson Reuters Foundation we can expect to see an increase in litigation around climate change in 2018. One of these experts was Dr Cosmin Corendea of UNU-EHS.

    There are several high profile court cases scheduled for trial this year, targeting major oil and industrial companies, but also governments. Juliana v. United States, for example, is a case brought by 21 young activists from Oregon that names U.S. President Donald Trump and his cabinet members as defendants, alleging “that the government’s climate change policies have failed to protect their constitutional right to live in a habitable environment.” However, the court cases involve a diverse group of defendants, including also the government of Norway and fossil fuel companies.

    While Corendea cautions that litigation against climate change is not always likely to be successful and mitigation is still key, it still has a major impact on climate action. “The decision of the court echoes,” he said. “It’s important in climate change litigation to have this kind of momentum.” 

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