Lima: what to expect from COP20

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  • 2014•12•04     Bonn     Deutsche Welle

    As leaders all from all around the world gather in Lima to negotiate a new climate agreement, climate expert Matthias Garschagen gives DW his take on COP20.

    DW: Take us through the climate summit in Lima, what’s the process?

    Back in 2009, at the Conference of the Parties (COP) in Copenhagen, everything was hoped to be achieved in just one meeting. The process now is quite different. We are now one year ahead of the climate summit in Paris, where we will hopefully come to a new climate agreement. During the meeting in Lima, we try to get the governments to talk about their pledges, their targets, to put them on the table now and not to do it just in the last minute in Paris. The aim is to implement a bottom-up procedure, in which national governments come up with so-called Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC). These will be on the table in early 2015 in order to be discussed throughout the year and then decided in Paris.

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