Kees van der Geest speaking about climate migration in the Marshall Islands in El País

  • 2019•12•18     Madrid, Spain     El Pais

    Photo: Kees van der Geest

    El País just published an article in which it summarized what different experts at COP25 had said about human displacement due to environmental and climatic degradation, saying, that “talking about the impacts of climate change today leads to the recognition of the existence of millions of displaced people for these reasons.”

    The article also discussed the UNU-EHS press briefing at COP25 and Senior Researcher Dr. Kees van der Geest‘s research in the Marshall Islands. Van der Geest expressed that while the media discusses the situation in the Marshall Islands as a narrative of sinking islands and a population moving abroad, the Marshallese people themselves fiercely resist the idea that their islands could become uninhabitable, forcing them to move.

    To read the full article (in Spanish), please click here.