MCII director Soenke Kreft in The Independent

  • 2017•12•12     Bonn     The Independent

    Research released by the the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit has shown that climate change is increasing the risk of extreme weather events, including droughts, flooding and heatwaves. This is the conclusion of a meta analysis of 59 studies which looked at climate change and extreme weather.

    Scientists interviewed by The Independent have explained that being able to prove linkages between climate change and extreme weather (called ‘attribution science’) has become possible due to advancements in climate science in recent years.

    Soenke Kreft, Executive Director of the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative, said that understanding the linkages between natural disasters and climate change is an important process because “it can play a role in convincing policymakers and citizens of the threat posed by climate change and encouraging them to take action.” Thanks to attribution science, more specific measures can be taken to manage risks. “It also helps to underscore the international responsibilities in supporting the protection of communities by prevention measures and insurance related mechanisms, and providing swift assistance in post disaster situations.”

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