Deutsche Welle coverage of heatwaves: Interviews with Simone Sandholz & Matthias Garschagen

  • 2018•07•27     Bonn     Deutsche Welle

    Photo: AFP

    Within the past week two of our experts were interviewed by Deutsche Welle on the topic of the current heatwave that has been affecting much of the Northern hemisphere.

    Dr. Simone Sandholz was featured in a Deutsche Welle article that covered the impacts of the heatwave such as droughts, wildfires and even deaths in some countries. Sandholz was interviewed on the topic of heat stress: She explained that the heat disproportionately affects residents of densely populated urban areas and particularly vulnerable groups such as children or the elderly. Click here to read the full article.

    Dr. Matthias Garschagen was interviewed for an 8-minute radio piece on the ZURES project at UNU-EHS, which can be found here. The reporter also accompanied the research teams and recorded them as they surveyed the citizens of Bonn on heat stress. Based on the radio piece, Deutsche Welle published another online article here.