Building business resiliency for MSMEs

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  • 2015•06•08     Philippines     Manila Times

    The Philippines ranks second among countries with the greatest risk of disaster, according to the 2014 World Risk Report by the United Nations University–Institute for Environment and Human Security. This does not come as a surprise given a myriad of factors that plague our geographic location as well as the absence of urban and regional plans to minimize, mitigate and mediate devastating results brought about by man-made and natural disasters. Our memories of the onslaught of Super Typhoon Yolanda and the earthquake in Central Visayas are still fresh and we are continually reminded every time we encounter typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and even torrential rains that bring about chaos and gridlock in our lives. Lives are lost. Communities are washed away. People are jobless. Businesses are closed.

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