Kumar, Navneet

Senior Research Associate

Selected NON-UNU Publications
    Global Mountain Safeguard Research (GLOMOS)

    Research Interests

    • Climateology
    • Geoinformatics (Remote sensing and GIS)
    • Hydrological Modelling
    • Multi Hazard Early Warning Systems (MHEWS)
    • Natural Resources Management


    • PhD in Engineering (Water Resources Management), Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bonn, Germany
    • M.Sc. Geoinformatics, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), University of Twente, Netherlands and Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, ISRO, India


    • 2023 to date: Member of the Steering Committee for the Center for Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces (ZFL, Bonn)
    • 2022 to date: Member of Eco-Leader Education Committee of BK21 FOUR R&E Center for Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering of Korea University, Seoul, South Korea
    • 2018 to date: Member of the Research Ethics Board of ZEF, Bonn
    • 2022 to 2023: Guest Editor of Special Issue: "Sustainable Innovations in Natural Resources Management Using Earth Observation Data and Geospatial Technologies", which belongs to the Sustainability journal (open access)
    • 2021 to date: Topical Advisory Panel Member of Water Journal (open access)
    • 2023 to date: Review Editor for Frontiers in Agronomy (Climate smart Agriculture and Irrigation sections)
    • 2015 to date: Member of the master thesis defense committee for Pan African University – Institute of Water and Energy Sciences including climate change (PAUWES) based in Tlemcen, Algeria

    Biographical Statement

    Dr.Ing. Navneet Kumar is working in the GLOMOS program at UNU-EHS. He has been involved in strategic project development, acquisition and implementation, with particular focus on the Hindu Kush – Himalaya region, Central Asia and countries in Africa.

    He has earned his Ph.D. in Engineering (water resource management) from the University of Bonn and a Master’s degree in Geoinformatics from the International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), the Netherlands and Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), India. He has worked as Senior Researcher at the Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn, Germany and currently, he acts as a disciplinary course coordinator and member of the ethical committee for the doctoral program at ZEF.

    Navneet’s main research themes are water and natural resources management and geoinformatics. Particular topics include remote sensing and GIS applications in natural resources management, hydrological modeling, climate change, land degradation, risk and impact assessment, irrigation, etc.  He has contributed to several projects in Africa and Asia (Algeria, Ethiopia, India, Mali, Niger, Uzbekistan, South Korea and Kazakhstan). He has also been involved in capacity and network-building projects with the Pan African University – Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES) in Algeria and a collaboration project between PAUWES and the West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL). Furthermore, Navneet has contributed to the development of eLearning courses on water management and is currently involved in conducting joint global classroom semester programme on water management with partner institutions from USA and Brazil. He has conducted several lectures, summer schools and workshops in Africa, India and Germany, and presented his work at several international conferences and received awards and travel grants. He served as a member of scientific committees (master thesis defense committees) and member of the organizing and scientific committees of International conferences. Navneet has published in several peer-reviewed journals and is editor of three handbooks, including two volumes on Himalayan Ecosystems and Sustainability. He is a reviewer for several grant proposals and scientific journals and a guest editor for the Sustainability Journal, a topical advisory panel member of Water Journal and a review editor for the Agronomy Journal.

  • Articles

    • San, S.M., Kumar, N., Biber-Freudenberger, L., Schmitt, C.B., 2023. Agroforestry-based community forestry as a large-scale strategy to reforest agricultural encroachment areas in Myanmar: ambition vs. local reality. Annals of Forest Science 80, 27. https://doi.org/10.1186/s13595-023-01191-x
    • Kumar, N., Khamzina, A., Knöfel, P., Lamers, J.P.A., Tischbein, B., 2021. Afforestation of Degraded Croplands as a Water-Saving Option in Irrigated Region of the Aral Sea Basin. Water, 13, 1433. https://doi.org/10.3390/w13101433
    • Kumar, N., Tischbein, B. & Beg, M.K. (2019). Multiple trend analysis of rainfall and temperature for a monsoon-dominated catchment in India. Meteorol Atmos Phys., 131: 1019. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00703-018-0617-2
    • Kumar, N., Khamzina, A., Tischbein B., Knöfel, P., Conrad, C. & Lamers, J.P.A. (2019). Spatio-temporal supply–demand of surface water for agroforestry planning in saline landscape of the lower Amudarya Basin. Journal of Arid Environments, 152: 53-61. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jaridenv.2018.11.007
    • Kumar, N., Velmurugan, A., Hamm, N.A.S., Dadwal, V.K. (2018). Geospatial Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon Using Regression Kriging and Remote Sensing. J Indian Soc Remote Sens. 46 (5): 705-716. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12524-017-0738-y
    • Kumar N., Tischbein B., Beg M.K., Bogardi J.J. (2018). Spatio-temporal analysis of irrigation infrastructure development and longterm changes in irrigated areas in Upper Kharun catchment, Chhattisgarh, India. Agricultural Water Management, 197: 158-169. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.agwat.2017.11.022
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    Book Chapters

    • Bogardi, J.J., Tingsanchali, T., Bhaduri, A., Nandalal, K.D.W., van Nooijen, R.R.P., Gupta, J., Kolechkina, A.G., Salamé, L., Kumar, N., 2021. Introduction and Guide to the Handbook of Water Resources Management: Discourses, Concepts and Examples. In: Bogardi J.J. et al. (eds) Handbook of Water Resources Management: Discourses, Concepts and Examples. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-60147-8_1