Durand-Delacre, David

Associate Academic Officer

Selected NON-UNU Publications
  • David Durand-Delacre
    Environment and Migration: Interactions and Choices Section (EMIC)

    Research Interests

    • Climate Change
    • Human (im)mobility
    • Media Narratives
    • Science-Policy


    • MSc., Environment & Development, London School of Economics and Political Science
    • BSc., Environmental Geography, University College

    Biographical Statement

    David Durand-Delacre is a human geographer and critical migration scholar interested in the political, cultural, and epistemological controversies arising from growing concern about climate change’s impact on human mobilities. His research focuses on how knowledge about climate-related mobilities is produced, debated, and communicated across academia, government, civil society, and the news media.

    As a researcher in the Environment and Migration: Interactions and Choices (EMIC) section of the UNU-EHS, David pursues three general priorities: (1) developing innovative inclusive research projects at the intersection of climate and migration, (2) diagnosing and resolving obstacles to climate mobilities policy dialogue and project development; (3) promoting a diversity of new, nuanced, and thought-provoking media representations of climate mobilities.

    Prior to joining UNU-EHS, David has worked as an analyst for the United Nations Sustainable Development Network (SDSN). In this role, among other responsibilities, he collected and analysed SDG progress indicators for the first two editions of the network’s flagship Sustainable Development Report (2015/2016). From 2015 to 2018, David also volunteered for Réfugiés Bienvenue, a Paris-based charity that provides housing to homeless asylum seekers. As President of the organisation (2017-2018) he worked with the team to expand housing opportunities and formalise mediation processes.

  • Articles

    • Durand-Delacre, D. (2022). (Mis)representing climate mobilities: Lessons from documentary filmmaking. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 48(14), 3397–3415.
    • Lietaer, S., & Durand-Delacre, D. (2021). Situating ‘migration as adaptation’ discourse and appraising its relevance to Senegal’s development sector. Environmental Science & Policy, 126, 11–21.
    • Boas, I., Farbotko, C., Adams, H., Sterly, H., Bush, S., Geest, K. van der, Wiegel, H., Ashraf, H., Baldwin, A., Bettini, G., Blondin, S., de Bruijn, M., Durand-Delacre, D., Fröhlich, C., Gioli, G., Guaita, L., Hut, E., Jarawura, F. X., Lamers, M., … Hulme, M. (2019). Climate migration myths. Nature Climate Change, 9(12), 901–903.

    Book Chapters

    • Durand-Delacre, D., Bettini, G., Nash, S. L., Sterly, H., Gioli, G., Hut, E., Boas, I., Farbotko, C., Sakdapolrak, P., de Bruijn, M., Furlong, B. T., van der Geest, K., Lietaer, S., & Hulme, M. (2021). Climate Migration is about People, not Numbers. In S. Boehm & S. Sullivan (Eds.), Negotiating Climate Change in Crisis (pp. 63–81). Open Book Publishers