Guerra, Flávia

Associate Academic Officer

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  • Flávia Guerra
    Urban Futures and Sustainability Transformation (FAST)

    Research Interests

    • Energy policy
    • New modes of governance
    • Sustainability transitions


    • Ph.D., Energy Law and Policy, Faculty of Business, Law and Politics, University of Hull, UK
    • M.Sc., Ecology and Environmental Management, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal
    • B.Sc., Biology (Environment), Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal

    Biographical Statement

    Flávia Guerra is an Associate Academic Officer on the Transformative Urban Coalitions (TUC) project which is aimed at fostering systemic sustainability transformations in Latin American cities. She holds a PhD in Energy Law and Policy.

    In her research, Dr. Guerra currently focuses on developing and implementing methodologies and tools to drive socially just low-carbon urban pathways, with emphasis on transformative governance, new models of coalition building, catalytic actor constellations, project implementation and knowledge co-creation in the context of urban labs, and the role of film and art in inspiring new narratives of sustainable urban futures.

    Dr. Guerra has multidisciplinary knowledge on issues related to the energy transition and has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles and technical reports analysing the main political, institutional and policy drivers and barriers to renewable energy deployment. Her areas of expertise include polycentric and multilevel governance approaches, the offshore wind and ocean energy sectors and decarbonization pathways for urban transport systems. Prior to joining UNU-EHS, she held positions at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands), the European Fisheries Control Agency (Vigo, Spain) and REN21 (Paris, France).

  • Reports

  • Articles

    • Guerra, F. and Y. Atalay (2021) The Energy Transition and the Changing Nature of Governance: Analyzing Evidence from the European Union and the Gulf Cooperation Council. Development 64(2) (forthcoming).
    • Guerra, F. (2018) Mapping Offshore Renewable Energy Governance. Marine Policy 89:21-33.
    • Guerra, F., C. Grilo, N. Pedroso and H. Cabral (2015) Environmental Impact Assessment in the Marine Environment: A Comparison of Legal Frameworks. EIA Review 55:182-194.


    • SLOCAT Partnership (2021) Transport and Climate Change Global Status Report (forthcoming)
    • REN21 (2021) Renewables in Cities 2021 Global Status Report. Online:
    • SDG 7 Technical Advisory Group (2021) Leveraging Energy Action for Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. Policy Briefs in support of the High-level Political Forum. Online:
    • REN21 and the FIA Foundation (2020) Renewable Energy Pathways in Road Transport. Online:
    • IRENA-IEA-REN21 (2018) Renewable Energy Policies in a Time of Transition. Online:
    • Dias Guerra, F., O. Widerberg, M. Isailovic and P. Pattberg (2015) Mapping the Institutional Architecture of Global Climate Change Governance. Report R-15/09, Institute for Environmental Studies, VU Amsterdam.
    • Pattberg, P., M. Isailovic, O. Widerberg and F. Guerra (2014) Mapping and Measuring Fragmentation in Global Governance Architectures: A Framework for Analysis. Report R-14/34, Institute for Environmental Studies, VU Amsterdam.