Janzen, Sally

Research Associate

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  • Sally Janzen
    Environmental Vulnerability & Ecosystem Services Section (EVES)
    Germany, Italy

    Research Interests

    • Ecosystem based Adaptation
    • Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction
    • Loss and Damage to Ecosystem Services


    • MSc in Geography of Environmental Risk and Human Security of the UN University Institute for Environment and Human Security and the University of Bonn
    • BSc (Hons) in Ecological and Environmental Science of the University of Edinburgh

    Biographical Statement

    Sally joined UNU-EHS as Research Associate in October 2019 after completing the Joint MSc in Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security from the UNU-EHS and the University of Bonn, and having worked at UNU-EHS as Research Assistant during her studies. She is passionate for the environment and the role of its ecosystems in climate change adaptation, and has always been striving to sit at a science-policy interface to provide policy directions with scientific evidence. 

    In her Master thesis “Assessing loss and damage to ecosystem services: state of the art, challenges and ways forward”Sally looked at climate change impacts on ecosystem services and discussions around the “loss and damage” concept, in order to explore ways of enhancing its understanding and thereby enriching the political debate.  

    During her studies, Sally applied the science-policy interface at her internship at the Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN, where she worked on the forest-water nexus with communities and national authorities to build capacities on nature-based solutions.  

    Sally’s previous work experiences include assisting the Co-President of the Greens/EFA Group of the European Parliament for one year and working with the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change, where Sally supported the implementation of the Brazilian Nationally-Determined Contribution across different sectors. 

    Sally holds a BSc in Ecological and Environmental Science from the University of Edinburgh and speaks German and Italian (her mother tongues), English, French and Portuguese. In addition she also has basic knowledge of Mandarin. 

  • Articles


  • Articles

    • Springgay, E., Casallas Ramirez, S., Janzen, S. and Vannozzi Brito, V. 2019. The Forest–Water Nexus: An International Perspective, Forests, 10(10), 915.


    • Walz, Y., Janzen, S., Narvaez, L., Ortiz Vargas, A., Woelki, J., Doswald, N. and Sebesvari, Z. 2020. Understanding the role of ecosystem-related disaster losses and a way forward to its considerations for disaster risk reduction in the Sendai monitor (forthcoming)


    • Janzen, S. 2019. Assessing loss and damage to ecosystem services: state of the art, challenges and ways forward (Unpublished master thesis). The University of Bonn and the UN University Institute for Environment and Human Security. Bonn, Germany.