El Maadawi, Zeinab

Associate Academic Officer (eLearning)

Selected NON-UNU Publications
  • Zeinab El Maadawi
    Pan African Cooperation and Educational Technologies (PACET)

    Research Interests

    • Education
    • Globalization
    • Health
    • Technology


    • Joint Master Degree in International Education Management (INEMA), Universities of Ludwigsburg (Germany) & Helwan (Egypt), 2015
    • Professional Certificate Expert of New Learning Technology, Furtwangen University, Germany, 2009
    • M.D. (Ph.D.) Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt
    • M.Sc. Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt
    • Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (grade excellent with honor), Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt


    • 2015-2018: Head of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt
    • 2017-present (on leave): Professor of Histology & Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt
    • 2010-2014: e Learning Consultant, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) e Academy, Germany
    • October-November 2014: Fellow at the Business & Market Development Team, Coursera, USA
    • April-September 2014: Academic visitor/Sponsored researcher, Institute for Cardiovascular Sciences, Faculty of Medical & Human Sciences, The University of Manchester, UK
    • October-November 2013: Intern at the Leadership Development Department, Academy of International Cooperation (AIZ), GIZ, Germany
    • 2006-2015: Adjunct lecturer/Associate Professor & e Learning Consultant, Misr International University (MIU)
    • 2012-2017: Associate Professor of Histology & Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt
    • 2006-2012: Lecturer of Histology & Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt
    • 2002-2006: Assistant Lecturer of Histology & Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt
    • Member of Arab American Frontiers in Science, Engineering & Medicine, the National Academies, USA, 2017
    • Member of Member of COSIMENA Health Cluster, DAAD Cairo office, 2017
    • Member of Leaders in Innovation Fellowship, the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, 2016
    • Member of Member of the Horizon Project Advisory Board, the New Media Consortium (NMC), USA (2012-2014)
    • Member of Member of Open ECB Check e learning quality label steering committee since 2012

    Biographical Statement

    Zeinab El Maadawi is a professor (on leave) at the faculty of medicine, Cairo University where she works as medical educator, biomedical researcher & e-learning manager. She developed evident experience in international education management in higher education & international development cooperation through multilateral development projects that addressed health education, science communication, e-learning capacity development, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) orientation.

    She is passionate about using the added value of emerging technologies to promote access to quality education & learning for all. Her expertise in technology enhanced learning includes e-learning management, instructional design, content development, tutoring of virtual communities & quality management of online environments. She is also interested in new & emerging technologies that are used to link health care delivery, medical education & biomedical research.

    She has been featured as a “Techwomen Emerging Leader” by the USA Department of State, an “Arab American Frontiers Fellow” by the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, and a “Leader in Innovation Fellow” by the UK Royal Academy of Engineering.

    Currently, she is in charge of conceptualization, organization & management of e-learning strategy at UNU-EHS in addition to research & teaching in the field of educational technologies & management of e-learning-related projects.

  • Articles

    Conference Publications

    • “Open Online Courses & Learning Analytics for Delivery & Assessment of Clinical Skills Enhancement Program”, Developing Excellence in Medical Education (DEMEC) conference, Manchester, UK, 2017
    • “Technology Enhanced Learning for Inclusive & Equitable Quality Education– A Road Map to Achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4”, the German Arab Master Programs (GAMPs) conference, Berlin, Germany, 2017
    • “Utilization of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in the Emerging African Knowledge Society- Harnessing Opportunities & Lessons Learnt”, e Learning Africa conference, Cairo, Egypt, 2016
    • “Heal Me Up” An Integrated Digital Learning Module that Features Skin Wound Healing by Linking Biology, Mathematics, History and Arts, the EuroScience Open Forum – ESOF2016, Manchester, UK, 2016
    • “FOSS as a cost effective tool for development of an integrated e learning medical curriculum in the African context”, the 6th international conference on ICT for development, education & training, e Learning Africa, Tanzania, 2011
    • “The Importance of Science in Media”, in Dialogue Forum ―Initiatives in Education, Science and Culture towards Enhanced US-Muslim Countries Collaborations”, Egypt, 2010

    Conference Proceedings

    • “The Role of E Learning in Integration of Basic & Clinical Medical Sciences, Complete Blood Count (CBC) E Learning Course, A Case Study From Kasr Alainy School of Medicine, Cairo University”, The Fifth International Conference of Learning International Networks Consortium (LINC), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, 2010