Photo by UNMIL Photo/Staton Winter

EduSphere conceptualizes and generates eLearning materials in relation to the core competencies of UNU-EHS. Its multimedia lab is equipped with appropriate hard- and software components to support the design and development of multimedia based educational resources for online and offline purposes. The digital learning environment at EduSphere supports the management of educational programmes, communication and collaboration with the UNU-EHS community of practice and the dissemination of content produced by UNU or in collaboration with partners. Projects in the section enhance graduate education, sustainable development, disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) by contributing knowledge towards the development of Information Communications Technologies (ICT). With regards to research, educational technology projects at EduSphere contribute to the development of appropriate methods and tools to strengthen the competency and capacity of stakeholders facing climate change challenges. These projects also contribute to the development of innovative models and solutions to support knowledge exchange, internationalization of higher education, mainstreaming of Open Educational Resources (OER) within higher education and quality in eLearning. Examples include the collaborative work with various university partners across Africa, Asia, and Europe, focusing on the field of ‘Virtual Mobility’, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to support the development of the Pan African University of the African Union, and the toolkit for the assessment and certification of eLearning courses and programs.

Please click here to access the UNU-EHS eLearning platform: https://activities.ehs.unu.edu/ecampus/