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    United   Nations   University’s   Mission:  The  United   Nations   University   (UNU)   is   an international  community  of  scholars,  engaged  in  research,  postgraduate  teaching  and capacity  development  and  dissemination  of  knowledge  in  furthering  the  purposes  and principles of  the  Charter  of  the  United  Nations.  For more information, please visit

    United Nations University Vice-Rectorate in Europe (UNU-ViE): UNU-ViE concentrates on relationships between advancing science and technology for human security. In addition to its scientific core mandate, it administers the central units providing service to five UNU entities in Bonn. The central administration units include Finance, Human Resources, Information Communication Technology, Communication Services, Procurement and General Administration. These units also assist with the administration of new UNU initiatives in Europe and Africa. For more information on the organization, please visit the following websites:

    PACET (Pan African Cooperation and Educational Technologies): The Pan African Cooperation and Educational Technologies (PACET) programme hosted at UNU-ViE aims to strengthen research, educational and institutional capacities of UNU-EHS in Africa. The program fosters cooperation between UNU and African institutions in higher education, research, policy and practice to develop innovative methods and appropriated solutions to address challenges particularly in the frame of the Agenda 2063 of the African Union and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    The cooperation with the Pan African University is a culmination of continental initiatives of the African Union Commission to revitalize higher education and research in Africa represents a main aspect of the programme. The programme particularly supports the institutional development of the Pan African University Institute for Water and Energy Sciences (incl. Climate Change – PAUWES) in Algeria by enhancing its teaching and research activities in water, energy and climate change thanks numerous projects (Water and Energy Security in Africa – WESA; Risk Assessment and Reduction strategies for Sustainable Urban Resource Supply in Sub-Saharan Africa – RARSUS; Higher Education Cooperation with PAUWES, etc.).

    Information Communication Technologies (ICT) plays a key role in the activity of the programme with regards to eLearning/distance education, strategic networking and cooperation as well as new media in the context of WEB 2.0 and open source technologies. The programme leverages digital technologies to strengthen educational and research capacities of UNU-EHS, its partner institutions as well as scientists and practitioners at a global scale. Furthermore, it investigates the teaching – research nexus to enhance higher education and capacity development by using educational technologies. It conceptualizes and implements innovative methodologies and technologies to design and deliver educational materials, to build and maintain networks, to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing and to enhance project work.

    The programme organizes conferences, webinars, online discussions, workshops, and summer schools to facilitate North-South and South-South knowledge exchange and transfer and to strengthen capacities at the individual and institutional level.


    • Support analysis of potential environment related research areas e.g. energy, water, climate change etc.,
    • Support the tracking of project progress on the PACET project management platform,
    • Assist in the planning,  organization and post-documentation of  educational events  and  strategic meeting/workshop:  webinar  and  online  lectures  in  the  frame  of  PAUWES  related  projects,
    • Assist in the management  and  administration  of  an  online  community  of  practice  at  PAUWES,
    • Support the establishment  and  maintenance  of  networks  and  relationship  with  Pan  African  and  international  actors  and  institutions  on PAUWES topics, and
    • Assist in necessary administrative and project activities.

    Qualifications and Requirements:

    Field of Study: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Environmental Sciences , Project Management, business administration or a related field.

    Essential Skills and attributes:

    • Excellent command of English and experience editing and writing various documents in English
    • Knowledge of German language is an added advantage.

    Desired Skills:

    • Background in drafting articles, proposals and analysis assistance will be looked on favourably
    • Planning and organizational skills.

    Teaching/learning objectives:

    • Gain understanding of the project work and related activities of UNU and the UN System,
    • Develop understanding of the PAUWES projects /activities of UNU and the UN System,
    • Develop skills in project planning, and
    • Learn more about research and practice initiatives.

    Duration: The successful candidate will be based at UNU-EHS in Bonn on a full-time basis for a contractual period ranging between 3-6 months. The internship is not remunerated. International applicants in need of a visa to Germany are kindly asked to inform themselves about the applicable visa requirements through the website of their local German Embassy in advance.

    Starting Date:           ASAP

  • Application Procedure:

    Interested applicants must submit their application via e-mail before the deadline including the following documents:

    • Quote reference number [UNU-ViE/PACET/WESA/2020/I] in the email subject line;
    • Curriculum Vitae in English;
    • Cover letter in English: outlining your motivations, possible contributions to the programme and future career goals;
    • Completed UNU-EHS application form (downloadable at: Click here to download the application form).
    • Two letters of recommendation.

    For more information about the UNU-ViE internship programme, please visit the website:

    Workforce diversity is essential to UNU. Suitably qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds including minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be handled with the strictest confidence.

    Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Unsuccessful applications will not be acknowledged.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at

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    Turning in an Application – What happens next?

    • If I was not shortlisted for the position that I applied for, do I need to re-apply for other openings?
      All internship applications are listed as active based on the availability that the candidates have provided in their application forms. If your qualifications match another opening, you might be contacted for a position that you did not originally apply for. It is also possible to notify us via email that you would like to add your name to the pool of candidates applying to the new opening. Your records will then be updated accordingly.
    • I turned in my application XX days ago, but I have not received any information.
      If you have applied to a specific opening with a deadline and several weeks have passed, it is most likely that the internship position has been filled and you were not contacted because you were not shortlisted for interview. If you sent a general application to UNU-EHS or UNU-ViE, you will only be contacted if your qualifications match with the need of the organization.

    If you have additional questions that are not answered in our FAQ section, please contact us by email.

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