UNU-EHS and UNU-ViE recruit highly qualified applicants to work as interns within the different UNU-EHS academic sections and UNU-ViE administrative units.

The underlying principles of the internship programme are centered on creating a dynamic, challenging and rewarding experience for students and recent graduates. Successful candidates will contribute to the work of UNU in Bonn and the UN System as a whole.

The programme provides opportunities for the development of new skills and knowledge. Moreover, it affords interns an opportunity to apply what they have learned in a practical setting. There is a strong emphasis on hands-on training, guidance, networking, and multicultural collaboration. Interns can expect to gain valuable work experience while contributing in meaningful ways to the mission of the University. Furthermore, the introduction to the United Nations system will be beneficial to those candidates seeking a career at an international organization.

There are currently no internships available.