UNFCCC–UNU Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme

  • The UNFCCC–UNU Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme offers young people from developing countries a unique opportunity to start their career at the interface between international climate policy development and research. Fellowships may last from twelve months to two years, and Fellows will be selected based on their skills and backgrounds vis-à-vis the needs of UNU and UNFCCC.

    Upon completion of the UNFCCC–UNU Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme, the Early Career Climate Fellows will be able to work in their home countries or internationally, deploying the valuable experience and insights they have gained in Bonn. Academically outstanding young graduates from developing countries who are in early stages of their career, especially women from least developed countries, are encouraged to apply.

    The latest information on any open calls for fellowship applications will be announced here, hence please continue to check this page for future call announcements, eligibility requirements, and the application procedure. Please kindly note that we are unable to accept unsolicited applications and any applications submitted outside of an open call.

    All applicants for the UNFCCC – UNU Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme should be aware that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted once a call has closed; due to the number of applications and enquiries received, we are, unfortunately, unable to provide individual feedback on applications submitted, including application status updates.

    Should you have any general enquiries on the UNFCCC – UNU Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme, please feel free to send an email to climatefellows@ehs.unu.edu, and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

    Apply for the third cohort of the programme.

  • Anna Maria Bezerra de Mello Carcamo, Brazil

    “The fellowship programme brought me an in depth knowledge on the UNFCCC intergovernmental process and well as exposure to global actors and the opportunity to be in the room when landmark decisions were taken in COP26.”

    Lilian Daphine Lunyolo, Uganda

    “This fellowship has not only offered me an opportunity to understand communities’ needs but also enabled me to support programs and initiatives aimed at closing knowledge gaps that hinder the scaling-up of climate change adaptation actions in communities. More than ever, I feel prepared to contribute to research and policy action for climate change adaptation’’

    Silvia Ochanda Otieno, Kenya

    “My fellowship experience has been rewarding so far especially as a young professional. You get to interact and work with professionals from various sectors. You also have a unique opportunity of working with two UN organizations: UNU and UNFCCC and thus build a stronger network. I believe the immense knowledge I have acquired so far is essential for my future career prospects. As a bonus, you get to participate in COPs and other UNFCCC events, and thus a practical exposure to the climate negotiation processes. I highly recommend the program to early career professionals.”

    Dalia Hashweh, Jordan

    “Right from the start of my fellowship, I realized that there are various venues I can explore to continuously learn and advance my career. The international component of work at the UN entails that even a conversation with any colleague has the potential of being enlightening and thought-provoking. That was what I found particularly exciting: the opportunities to keep learning are endless.”

    Mirana Njakatiana Andriarisoa, Madagascar

    “The UNFCCC – UNU Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme is a great opportunity for young people to make impact on combatting climate change at an international level.”

    Maria Paloma Noriega Jalil, Mexico

    “The UNFCCC – UNU Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme allowed me to start my professional career in the international arena on a topic I am passionate about. The UNFCCC – UNU Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme is an amazing opportunity to explore the world of global environmental governance through working with the UNFCCC, as well as bridge the research-policy divide by collaborating on UNU projects.”

    Khawla Rammali, Libya

    “As a climate fellow you have the opportunity to work on one of the most pressing issues facing the world. Through the programme you will get to meet many other young people who are equally or even more passionate about solving the climate crisis, who will inspire and motivate you to make a difference. And that is my personal highlight, because climate action in Libya is not a popular topic and I remember feeling so isolated, but since joining the fellowship programme I have been able to connect with so many other inspiring youth whose stories and achievements continue to motivate me daily despite the overwhelming amount of human suffering around the world. You will also have the opportunity to shape the work and your role based on your interests, and you’ll work with partners across different sectors and levels.”

    Precious Akampumuza, Uganda

    “The UNFCCC-UNU Early Career Climate Fellowship Programme is a gateway to understanding the nature of global climate change negotiations and the workings of the United Nations. With this fellowship, one grows professionally, learns to work in a multi-cultural setting, expands their professional network and steps forward into their future career.”